SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, April 9

Load Simulation and Vehicle Performance (Part 5 of 5): Handling and Dynamics Controls
(Session Code: M107)

Room 113 C  8:00 a.m.

Focusing on analysis and enhancement of vehicle dynamics performance including handling / braking / traction characteristics, operational robustness and active stability under the influence of loading, tire forces and other variants; development and applications of intelligent tire technology; modeling, simulation, testing and optimization; correlation of analyses, simulations, objective measurements and subjective judgments of vehicle dynamics characteristics; chassis control development and control system cooperation for enhancing overall vehicle system dynamics and safety characteristics and robustness taking into considerations of load variations and other uncertainties; impact of system hybridization and electrification on vehicle dynamics and controls.

Organizers - Ken Kang, Honda R & D Americas Inc.; Dongpu Cao, Lancaster University; Jianmin Gu, Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Time Paper No. Title
8:00 a.m. 2014-01-0862
Influence of Active Suspension Preview Control on Vehicle Ride and Braking Performance
Mina M.S. Kaldas, IAE, TU Braunschweig; Aref M.A. Soliman, South Valley University
8:20 a.m. 2014-01-0863
Application of Road Load Prediction Technique for Suspension Durability Input Condition
Takamasa Shimodaira, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
8:40 a.m. 2014-01-0839
Gyroscopic Bearing Loads in Vehicular Flywheel-Based KERS
Guenter Bischof, Karl Reisinger, Thomas Singraber, Andreas Summer, FH Joanneum
9:00 a.m. ORAL ONLY
Vehicle Handling with Uncertain Parameters Using Chebyshev Interval Method
Yunqing Zhang, Huazhong University of Science and Tech.
9:20 a.m. 2014-01-0875
Modeling Real People in Real Buses: Implications Concerning Tire, Axle and Vehicle Weights
Mark William Arndt, Transportation Safety Tech. Inc.
9:40 a.m. 2014-01-0840
Suitable Load Case for Structural Analysis of Outriggers Applied for Vehicle Handling and Stability Field Test
Xiaobo Yang, Oshkosh Corp.
10:00 a.m. 2014-01-0879
Modeling the Impact of Road Grade and Curvature on Truck Driving for Vehicle Simulation
Jan-Mou Li, David Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:20 a.m. 2014-01-0841
Development of Effective Bicycle Model for Wide Ranges of Vehicle Operations
Hongbin Ren, Beijing Institute of Technology; Taehyun Shim, Univ. of Michigan; Jemyoung Ryu, Hyundai Motor Co.; Sizhong Chen, Beijing Institute of Technology
10:40 a.m. 2014-01-0866
Allocation-Based Fault Tolerant Control for Electric Vehicles with X-by-Wire
Yu Wang, Weiwen Deng, Jian Wu, Bing Zhu, Sumin Zhang, ASCL, Jilin University
11:00 a.m. 2014-01-0859
Development of Active Control Strategy for Flat Tire Vehicles
Haizhen Liu, Weiwen Deng, Changfu Zong, Jian Wu, State Key Lab of Automotive Simulation & Control, Jilin Univ
11:20 a.m. ORAL ONLY
Technical Keynote: The Vehicle Dynamics and Set-up of the Modern Formula One Car
L. Daniel Metz, Metz Engineering & Racing
Experimental Research on the Pressure Following Control of Electro-Hydraulic Braking System (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Dongmei Wu, Haitao Ding, Konghui Guo, Zhiqiang Wang, Jilin Univ.
Comparison of Torque Vectoring Control Strategies for a IWM Vehicle (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Edoardo Sabbioni, Federico Cheli, Michele Vignati, Stefano Melzi, Politecnico di Milano
On The Integration of Actively Controlled Longitudinal/Lateral Dynamics Chassis Systems (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Walid Oraby, Mahmoud Atef Aly, Samir El-demerdash, M. El-Nashar, Helwan University
A Sliding Mode Observer for Vehicle Slip Angle and Tire Force Estimation (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Yuhang Chen, Yunfeng Ji, Konghui Guo, Jilin University
Influence of Active Subsystems on Electric Vehicle Behavior and Energy Characteristics (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Barys Shyrokau, Nanyang Technological University; Dzmitry Savitski, Ilmenau University of Technology; Danwei Wang, Nanyang Technological University

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