SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, April 8

Sheet / Hydro / Gas Forming Technology and Modeling (Part 2 of 3)
(Session Code: M201)

Room 115 B  1:00 p.m.

Failure modes, phase change materials, hydro-forming, hot stamping, warm forming and super plastic forming issues and applications in sheet metal forming are interests in this session. Papers for the Sheet/ Hydro/ Gas Forming Technology and Modeling Session advance the knowledge in the state of the art in all types of sheet metal forming. Topics include using simulated, analytical, numerical and experimental tools and sheet metals for the various forming technologies.

Organizers - Xiaoming Chen, U. S. Steel Corp.; S. George Luckey, Ford Motor Co.; Krishna Murali, General Motors Co.; Thomas Oetjens, Magna Intl.

Time Paper No. Title
1:00 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Phase Distributions and Mechanical Properties of Hot Stamped Automotive Part
Kunmin Zhao, Ying Chang, Jindong Lu, Liang Ying, Dalian University of Technology
1:20 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Forming Limit Surface: Theoretic Study and Implementation
ZiQiang Sheng, General Motors
1:40 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Forming Limit Diagram Determination with Digital Image Correlation
Danielle Zeng, Ford Research and Innovation Center; Z. Xia, Ford Motor Co.; Yuan Gan, ETA Inc (Engineering Tech Assoc); Feng Ren, Ford Motor Co.; Laurent Chappuis, Ford Motor Co
2:00 p.m. 2014-01-0982
Determination of Forming Limit and Fracture Limit Curves Using Digital Image Correlation
Gang Huang, Sriram Sadagopan, ArcelorMittal USA; Hubert Schreier, Correlated Solutions Inc.
2:20 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Robustness Analysis in Stamping - Product Design and Material Property Variation
Tony Yu Chang, Yuwei Wang, Severstal North America Inc.; Liang Huang, Yinong Shen, Ford Motor Co.; Evangelos Liasi, Ford Product Development
2:40 p.m. 2014-01-0985
Evaluation of Metal Gainers for Advanced High Strength Steel Flanging
Xiaoming Chen, US Steel; Ching-Kuo Hsiung, Ken Schmid, General Motors Co.; Changqing Du, Dajun Zhou, Chrysler Group LLC; Chris Roman, General Motors Co.
3:00 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Springback Predictions for Pure Bending of DP590 Steel Using Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening Calibrated from Tension-Compression Experiments
Yannis Korkolis, Nengxiu Deng, Univ. of New Hampshire
3:20 p.m. ORAL ONLY
Comparison of the Methods for Calculating the Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient in Hot Forming Process
Ying Chang, Xinghui Tang, Liang Ying, Bin Wang, Kunmin Zhao, Dalian University of Technology
3:40 p.m. 2014-01-0986
Designing and Building Dies for Higher Strength Steel Stampings
Peter J. Ulintz, Anchor Manufacturing Group Inc.

The papers in this session are available in SAE Technical Paper Collection, COLL-TP-00403, and also individually. To purchase visit

Planned by Metallic Materials Committee / Materials Engineering Activity