SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, April 10

Advances in Plastic Components, Processes, and Technologies
(Session Code: M301)

Room 115 A  8:00 a.m.

This session will cover a very broad range of applications, processes and technologies as the title suggests.

Organizers - Emile Homsi, DSM Engineering Plastics; Y Charles Lu, Univ. of Kentucky; Robert Randolph Maynard, Celanese (formerly Ticona); Venkatesha N, GE India Technology Centre

Time Paper No. Title
8:20 a.m. 2014-01-1034
Methodology to Compare Effectiveness of Lubricating Additives in a Polymeric Matrix
Anshuman Shrivastava, Mark Scheel, Julie Strama, Delphi Automotive
8:40 a.m. 2014-01-1001
A Test Method and Simulation Study of PMMA Glazing on Motion Deviation
Yunkai Gao, Na Qiu, Jianguang Fang, Shanshan Wang, Tongji Univ.
9:00 a.m. 2014-01-1038
Post-Molding Crosslinking of Polyethylene in Automotive Connection Systems
Robert A. Smith, Delphi Automotive
9:20 a.m. 2014-01-1035
Characterization of PU Foam for High Temperature Applications in Automobiles
Shruti Mehta, Mrunal Hatwalne, Mangesh Dhule, Tata Motors Ltd.
9:40 a.m. 2014-01-1042
Next Generation in Hydrolysis Resistance Polyester (PBT) for Electrical Connectors and Components
Josh Mcilvaine, Malika Warner, DuPont Performance Polymers
10:00 a.m. 2014-01-1037
Plastic Resins for Sensors and Electronic Components to Minimize Long Term Corrosion
Josh Mcilvaine, Dupont
10:20 a.m. ORAL ONLY
Turbo Air Duct Market and Materials
Harry Siepel, DSM Engineering Plastics
10:40 a.m. 2014-01-1040
Material NVH Convergence Technology for a Plastic Intercooler Pipe
Gihwan Kim, Chi-Hoon Choi, You Sung Moon, Hyundai Motor Co.; Yong Sun (Steven) Jin, DuPont
11:00 a.m. 2014-01-1041
Design Considerations for Plastic Fuel Rail and Its Benefits
Praveensingh Jadhav, Maruti Suzuki India, Ltd.; Aditya Nanda, Manas Tripathi, Amit Kumar, Maruti Suzuki Automobiles India, Ltd.; Shriganesh Umbarkar, Maruti Udyog Ltd.
11:20 a.m. 2014-01-1043
Design for NVH Performance and Weight Reduction in Plastic Timing Chain Cover Application
Kwang-Ho Oh, Inzi Controls Co., Ltd.; Won Hee Han, DuPont Korea Inc.; Jun-Ho Jang, Inzi Controls Co., Ltd.; Yong-Choo Tho, Hyundai Motor Co.; Hak Hyun Kim, DuPont Korea Inc.
11:40 a.m. 2014-01-1036
Light Weight Materials for Aerodynamic, Acoustic and Thermal Management Improvements in Underbody Applications
Egon Moos, Röchling Automotive SE & Co. KG
Development of High Impact, High MFR and Lightweight Polypropylene for Automotive Interiors Application (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Sunit Kumar Chanana, Arpit Kapila, Sanjay Haldar, Naman Joshi, Dinesh N Dave, Maruti Suzuki Automobiles India Ltd.

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Planned by Polymers and Coatings Committee / Materials Engineering Activity