SAE 2015 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Monday, June 22

Mounts and Shock Absorbers
(Session Code: NVC206)

Room TBD  

This session includes papers in the areas of static, dynamic, and fatigue characterization of elastomers, bushings, mounts and shock absorbers used in the mobility industry. Particular emphasis is given to new and innovative analysis and testing methodologies to quantify the non-linear properties of these systems in addition to the effects of temperature, frequency, and aging. Papers dealing with specific applications and case studies of existing methodologies are also welcome.

Organizers - Mohamad Qatu, Central Michigan Univ.; Saeed Siavoshani, LMS A Siemens Business

Time Paper No. Title

The Design and Fuzzy Control of Magneto-rheological Engine Mounts
Ling zheng, Chongqing University

Evaluation of structural borne shock absorber noise due to impact and its controlling techniques (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Swapnil S. Kulkarni, Ravi B, Suspension Parts

Test Method, Simulation and Micro-process Dynamic Model for Noise Analysis of Auto Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Hongyu Shu, Shu Hongyu

Magnetic Suspension for Automobiles.
Ravi Nandu, suvriti dhawan, SRM University