SAE 2015 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, June 24

Lightweight Design (Part 1 of 2)
(Session Code: NVC305)

Room TBD  2:30 p.m.

The purpose of this session is to describe solutions for weight savings, which is a well-known strategy for improving fuel consumption in vehicles, and to explain the NVH impact of these weight reductions. Weight savings can come from interior and structural parts of vehicle in the form of one of the following solutions: composite materials, light weight alloys, aluminum & magnesium versus steel, bonding dissimilar materials, new damping compounds, elimination of mass barriers, higher performance acoustical products, reduction of part weight, reduction of part size, material substitutions, or reduced complexity of parts. NVH countermeasures for these weight reduction solutions will be outlined so that lightweight design for next generation vehicles can be implemented with attention to noise and vibration throughout the vehicle.

Organizers - Yuksel Gur, Ford Motor Co.; Jian Pan, Autoneum North America Inc.; Alan Parrett, General Motors Co.; Saeed Siavoshani, LMS A Siemens Business; Barry Robert Wyerman, Janesville Acoustics

Time Paper No. Title
Enhanced Acoustic Performance using Key Design Parameters of Headliners
Márcio Calçada, Alan Parrett, General Motors Co
Lightweight Glazing – Optimization of Structural and Acoustic Barrier Performance using Laminated Glass
Stephen J. Bennison, Steven M. Hansen, Kuraray America Inc.; Jingjing Xu PhD, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. Inc.; Yuki Shitanoki PhD, DuPont Kabushiki Kaisha
New NVH solutions in Micro-cellulare Polyurethane
Marc Ingelmann, Holger Bickelmann, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH
A Lightweight Dash Insulator Development and Engineering Application for the Vehicle NVH Improvement
Jun Zhang PhD, Jian Pang, Siwen Zhang PhD, Xiaoxuan Zhang, Congguang Liu, Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.
Sound Package Design for Light Weight Vehicles
Jian Pan, Autoneum North America Inc.; Yuksel Gur, Ford Motor Co
Light-weight Liquid-Applied Sound Damping Material for Automotive Industry
Murteza T. Erman, Henkel Corp.
Vibro-acoustic Properties of a Very Long Flax Fibers Reinforced Thermoset “Flaxpreg” Light Sandwich
Arnaud Duval, Valérie Marcel, Ludovic Dejaeger, Francis Lhuillier, Moussa Khalfallah, Faurecia Acoustics And Soft Trim Div.