SAE 2015 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Thursday, June 25

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
(Session Code: NVC700)

Room Ballroom D  10:30 a.m.

This session discusses the noise sources, noise signatures, noise control strategy, and NVH technology unique to electric and hybrid powered vehicles. It is intended to bring a greater awareness of the NVH characteristics of these new vehicles to all NVH practitioners. At the same time, it will provide a forum so that advances in power systems, drive trains, batteries, and energy storage can be addressed with appropriate NVH technology as needed.

Organizers - Kiran Govindswamy, FEV Inc.; Saeed Siavoshani, LMS A Siemens Business; In-Soo Suh, KAIST; Barry Robert Wyerman, Janesville Acoustics

Time Paper No. Title
Vehicle NVH Evaluations and NVH Target Cascading Considerations for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Todd Tousignant, Kiran Govindswamy, FEV North America Inc.; Mark Stickler, Ford Research and Innovation Center; Ming-Ran Lee, Ford Motor Company
Methods for Measuring, Analyzing and Predicting the Dynamic Torque of an Electric Drive used in an Automotive Drivetrain
Jan Fischer, Matthias Behrendt, Albert Albers, IPEK; Dirk Lieske, Daimler AG
Analysis of Motor Vibration Isolation System with Focus on Mount Resonances for Application to Electric Vehicles
Xianpai Zeng, Jared Liette, Scott Noll, Ohio State University
Geartrain Noise Optimization in an Electrical Drive Unit
Zhaohui Sun, Jason Ley, Glen Steyer, American Axle & Mfg Inc.
Noise & Vibration Assessment of a Light Utility Electric Truck in Accelerating Condition
Golam Mainuddin, Central Michigan Univ.; Mohamad Qatu, Central Michigan Univ
Interior Sound of Today’s Electric Cars: Tonal Content, Levels and Frequency Distribution (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
David Lennström, Volvo Car Corporation; Arne Nykänen, Luleå University of Technology