SAE 2013 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Monday, May 20

Acoustical Materials Workshop: Sound Package Development Trends - from Passenger Cars to Heavy Trucks
(Session Code: NVCWK1)

Room Ballroom D  6:00 p.m.

The Acoustical Materials Workshop this year will cover a variety of topics by renowned international experts from the OEM and supplier communities covering sound package applications in passenger cars and heavy trucks. Topics will include trends in sound package material applications including light weight materials in established and emerging markets. In addition there will be an update from the SAE Acoustical Materials Committee task force that is investigating the measurement of material properties.

Organizers - Pranab Saha, Kolano and Saha Engineers Inc.; Rolf Hermann Balte, HP Pelzer Auto Systems Inc.; Gordon Ebbitt, Toyota Technical Center USA Inc.; Jian Pan, Autoneum North America Inc.

Time Paper No. Title
Automotive Sound Package in South America - Design and Development for Emerging Markets
Alice Botteon Rodrigues, General Motors, Brasil
Noise Control Opportunities and Challenges - A perspective from the Commercial Vehicle Sector
Craig Birkett, Navistar International Corp.
Lightweight Acoustics Applications and Challenges in the Automotive Industry - from US and Global Perspective
Alan Parrett, General Motors, North America
Proposed SAE Standard J2934: Laboratory Measurement of Tortuosity and Characteristics Lengths of Acoustical Materials
Jian Pan, Autoneum North America Inc.

Planned by Acoustical Materials Committee / Materials, Processes and Parts Council