SAE 2013 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 21

Sound Quality Workshop
(Session Code: NVCWK2)

Room Ballroom C  6:30 p.m.

The 2013 Sound Quality Workshop is a significant revision from prior SQ Workshops. The purpose and orientation are to empower engineers to recognize and fully connect their innate hearing capabilities with interactive analytic tools to characterize, design and improve mobility-product sounds considering human perception. An overview differentiates sound quality engineering from general acoustics as historically practiced, introduces the scientific field of Soundscaping (merging rapidly with SQ engineering and being applied to automotive development*) and provides a thought-context for straightforward, productive work. Examples are given regarding how to approach issues, and about human perception and connecting it with technical measurements including both conventional and psychoacoustic tools. The sequence of practical topics, examples and methods includes hardware issues such as sound card behavior, and time data resolution 24 bits, 16 bits and implications. Specific information on tonalities not necessarily involving pure tones, and new findings on low-frequency perception and analysis, are also included. As always, a CD of the Workshop presentation will be given out at the close of the Workshop. *NOTE: On Thursday morning in the discussion period of session NVC303 (10:20 AM to noon), there will be a presentation on a major Soundscaping/SQ engineering vehicle benchmarking project (Explorative Vehicle Evaluation) in Europe in which this author participated.

Organizers - Wade R. Bray, HEAD acoustics Inc.