SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, April 8

Physical Plant Models for Controls
(Session Code: PFL116)

Room 140 C  9:30 a.m.

Separate sub-sessions cover zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, and quasi-dimensional models for simulation of SI and CI engines with respect to: engine breathing, boosting, and acoustics; SI combustion and emissions; CI combustion and emissions; fundamentals of engine thermodynamics; numerical modeling of gas dynamics; thermal management; mechanical and lubrication systems; system level models for controls; system level models for vehicle fuel economy and emissions predictions.

Organizers - Norbert Meyer, dSPACE GmbH; Federico Millo, Politecnico di Torino; Christof Schernus, FEV GmbH; Per Tunestal, Lund University

Time Paper No. Title
9:30 a.m. ORAL ONLY
Session Insert: Challenges in Real Time In-Cylinder Simulation for HIL Applications - Parameterization and Discretization
Norbert Meyer, dSPACE GmbH
9:50 a.m. 2014-01-1096
Fluid-Dynamic Modeling and Advanced Control Strategies for a Gaseous-Fuel Injection System
Daniela Anna Misul, Mirko Baratta, Hamed Kheshtinejad, Politecnico di Torino
10:10 a.m. 2014-01-1097
Development of Engine Model Using Modulization Method for EMS Verification through MIL and HIL
Bo-Chiuan Chen, Yuh-Yih Wu, Hsien-Chi Tsai, National Taipei University of Technology; Bo-Liang Chen, Industrial Technology Research Institute
10:30 a.m. 2014-01-1095
Crank-Angle Resolved Modeling of Fuel Injection and Mixing Controlled Combustion for Real-Time Application In Steady-State and Transient Operation
Christoph Poetsch, AVL LIST GmbH
10:50 a.m. 2014-01-1092
Transient Build-up and Effectiveness of Diesel Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Usman Asad, University of Windsor; Jimi Tjong, Ford Motor Co.
11:10 a.m. 2014-01-1094
Dual Fuel Engine Simulation - A Thermodynamic Consistent HiL Compatible Model
Johann C. Wurzenberger, AVL LIST GmbH; Tomaz Katrasnik, Univ. of Ljubljana
Control-Oriented Modeling of Turbocharged Diesel Engines Transient Combustion Using Neural Networks (Written Only -- No Oral Presentation)
Taotao Wu, Changlu Zhao, Kai Han, Bolan Liu, Zhenxia Zhu, Yangyang Liu, Xiaokang Ma, Guoliang Luo, Beijing Institute of Technology

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Planned by General Powertrain Development / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity