SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, April 9

Basic SI Combustion Processes
(Session Code: PFL211)

Room 413 A  10:40 a.m.

This session focuses on basic SI combustion processes including studies of mixture formation, engine efficiency, flame propagation, and emissions formation. Papers cover both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines characterized by 1) ignition by an external energy source that serves to control combustion phasing, and 2) a combustion rate that is limited by flame propagation.

Organizers - Terrence Alger, Southwest Research Institute; Richard S. Davis, General Motors Co.; Ronald James Herrin, GM Powertrain (retired)
Chairpersons - Terrence Alger, Southwest Research Institute; Ronald James Herrin, GM Powertrain (retired)

Time Paper No. Title
10:40 a.m. 2014-01-1205
Effect of Valve Timing and Residual Gas Dilution on Flame Development Characteristics in a Spark Ignition Engine
Kang Xu, Hui Xie, Minggang Wan, Tao Chen, Tianjin Univ.; Hua Zhao, Brunel Univ.
11:00 a.m. 2014-01-1206
Performance Maps of Turbocharged SI Engines with Gasoline-Ethanol Blends: Torque, Efficiency, Compression Ratio, Knock Limits, and Octane
Young Suk Jo, Raymond Lewis, Leslie Bromberg, John B. Heywood, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:20 a.m. 2014-01-1207
The Effects of Charge Homogeneity and Repeatability on Particulates Using the PLIF Technique in an Optical DISI Engine
Quan Liu, Alasdair Cairns, Hua Zhao, Mohammadreza Anbari Attar, Brunel Univ.; Luke Cruff, Hugh Blaxill, MAHLE Powertrain LLC
11:40 a.m. 2014-01-1208
The Efficiency and Emission Characteristics of Dual Fuel Combustion Using Gasoline Direct Injection and Ethanol Port Injection in an SI Engine
Namho Kim, Seokwon Cho, Seoul National Univ.; Hoimyung Choi, Advanced Institutes of Convergence Tech.; Han Ho Song, Kyoungdoug Min, Seoul National Univ.

The papers in this session are available in SAE Technical Paper Collection, SUB-TP-00008, and also individually. To purchase visit

Planned by Engine Combustion / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity