SAE 2014 World Congress & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, April 9

Cold Start and Transients
(Session Code: PFL290)

Room 414 A/B  8:00 a.m.

This session focuses on both SI and CI combustion and mixture preparation during cold start and transient engine operation. Example topics include engine performance, emissions, control strategies and calibrations for cold start and transient operation impact on NOx, PM, HC, CO, and CO2 emissions; also including the impact of variable valve timing, spark, and turbocharger controls.

Organizers - Eric W. Curtis, Ford Motor Co.; O. El Ganaoui-Mourlan, IFP School; Peter Moilanen, Ford Motor Co.; Hamid Servati, ServoTech. Engineering

Time Paper No. Title
8:00 a.m. 2014-01-1368
On the Nature of Particulate Emissions from DISI Engines at Cold-Fast-Idle
Justin E. Ketterer, Wai K. Cheng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8:20 a.m. 2014-01-1370
Investigation of VVT and spark timing on combustion and particle emission from a GDI Engine during transient operation
Cheng Tan, Hongming Xu, He Ma, Akbar Ghafourian, Birmingham Univ.
8:40 a.m. 2014-01-1374
Behaviours of a GDI Gasoline Engine during Start
Huayin Tang, Richard Burke, Sam Akehurst, Chris Brace, University of Bath; Les Smith, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
9:00 a.m. 2014-01-1366
SI Engine Control in the Cold-Fast-Idle Period for Low HC Emissions and Fast Catalyst Light Off
Kevin Cedrone, Wai K. Cheng, MIT
9:20 a.m. 2014-01-1369
Ethanol Flex Fuel system with Delphi Heated injector application
Roberto Krenus, Marcos R. V. Passos, Thiago Ortega, Kenneth Mowery, Delphi Automotive; Young Jin Kim, Hyundai Motor Co.; Lucille G. Lavan, Delphi Automotive; Kuho Lee, C.J. Park, Hyundai Motor Co.; Kwang Han, Delphi Automotive
9:40 a.m. 2014-01-1375
A Comparison of Cold-Start Behavior and its Impact on Fuel Economy for Advanced Technology Vehicles
Jay Anderson, Michigan Technological Univ.; Eric Rask, Henning Lohse-Busch, Argonne National Lab.; Scott Miers, Michigan Technological Univ.
10:00 a.m. 2014-01-1373
In-Cylinder Wall Temperature Influence on Unburned Hydrocarbon Emissions During Transitional Period in an Optical Engine Using a Laser-Induced Phosphorescence Technique
Xi Luo, Xin Yu, Kan Zha, Marcis Jansons, Wayne State Univ.; Valentin Soloiu, Georgia Southern Univ.
10:20 a.m. 2014-01-1367
Experimental Investigation of Transient Response and Turbocharger Coupling for High and Low Pressure EGR Systems
David Heuwetter, William Glewen, David E. Foster, Roger Krieger, Michael Andrie, University of Wisconsin
10:40 a.m. 2014-01-1372
Experimental Investigation of Six Cylinder Turbocharged Di-Diesel Engine Cold Startability
Dinesh Kumar B, Leelakumar Murugesan, M Nagarajan, Nitin Kakde, P Mahesh, Product Development Ashok Leyland Ltd.

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Planned by Engine Combustion / Powertrain Fuels and Lubricants Activity