SAE/JSAE 2014 Small Engine Technology Conference & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Wednesday, November 19

Vehicle Components
(Session Code: SETC19)

Room Hall 90D  10:30

This session focuses on hardware not associated with the engine and drivetrain that supports the purpose of the vehicle such as suspensions, lighting, dampers, marine hulls, steering, vehicle frame, and heating and cooling systems.

Organizers - Masayuki Baba, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.; Ken Fosaaen, Kerdea Technologies; Robert Kee, Queen's University Belfast; Mario Santucci, Piaggio & C SpA
Chairpersons - Tadao Okazaki, Kubota Corp.; Mario Santucci, Piaggio & C SpA

Time Paper No. Title
10:30 2014-32-0027
Load Control Module in a Two Wheeler
T Manikandan, S Sarmadh Ameer, A Sivakumar, Samaraj Dhinagar, TVS Motor Co. Ltd.
11:00 2014-32-0028
Instant Mileage Assistance (IMA) in a Geared Two Wheeler
T Manikandan, S Sarmadh Ameer, A Sivakumar, Davinder Kumar, R Venkatesan, VenkataKalyana Kumar, TVS Motor Co. Ltd.
11:30 2014-32-0026
Surface Fatigue Design Method for Automotive Components Subjected to Torsional Vibrations in Modern Engine Applications
Alessandro Franceschini, Emanuele Pellegrini, Raffaele Squarcini, Pierburg Pump Technology Italy

The papers in this session are available in SAE Technical Paper Collection, COLL-TP-00445, and also individually. To purchase visit