SAE/JSAE 2014 Small Engine Technology Conference & Exhibition

Technical Session Schedule

Tuesday, November 18

Measurement & Simulation (Part 2 of 4)
(Session Code: SETC4)

Room Hall 90B  13:30

The session is associated with engine and vehicle simulation tasks and their related measurements. Simulation and measurement methodology as well as the simulation and measurement application on development tasks will find a place within the session.

Organizers - Stephan Schmidt, Graz University of Technology; Giovanni Ferrara, Univ. of Florence; Michihisa Mick Nakagawa, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Shigeru Fujii, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Chairpersons - Giovanni Ferrara, Univ of Florence; Michihisa Mick Nakagawa, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Stephan Schmidt, Graz University of Technology

Time Paper No. Title
13:30 2014-32-0054
Method for Predicting Erosion Due to Cavitation of Outboard-Motor
Toshio Watanabe, Hiroki Sakamoto, Suzuki Motor Corp.
14:00 2014-32-0047
Robust Diagnostic Concept for Vehicle Gearbox with Artificial Pitting Defect in Gear using Vibration Measurements
Mohamed El Morsy, Czech Tech Univ Prague & Helwan Univ.; Gabriela Achtenova, Czech Technical University
14:30 2014-32-0048
Development of a 0D Model Starting from Different RANS CFD Tumble Flow Fields in Order to Predict the Turbulence Evolution at Ignition Timing
Stefania Falfari, Claudio Forte, Federico Brusiani, Gian Marco Bianchi, Giulio Cazzoli, Cristian Catellani, University of Bologna

The papers in this session are available in SAE Technical Paper Collection, COLL-TP-00445 and COLL-TP-00453, and also individually. To purchase visit