SAE 2014 Thermal Management Systems Symposium

Technical Session Schedule

Monday, September 22

Keynote: Current Challenges in Vehicle Thermal Management
(Session Code: TMSSK1)

Room City Lights  8:00 a.m.

Wilko Jansen

Day 1 - Featured Keynote

Wilko Jansen
Technical Specialist
Thermal Management
Jaguar Land Rover

Keynote Address: Current challenges in vehicle Thermal Management

Discussion on challenges currently phased during vehicle development in Thermal management. These have been growing significantly over the last years for several reasons. Historically the main focus was on PT cooling airflow and component protection from exhaust radiation. This has now been extended to a whole new range of systems requiring thermal management. Several of these challenges will be discussed in hybrids, brake cooling, infotainment etc.

With the growth in requirements comes the additional challenge of reducing development time and cost, driving for increased CAE capability and a reduction in prototypes and physical testing.

Next to these challenges there now is a significant focus on CO2 reduction as well. Thermal management plays a big part in this as well and the aim is reversed in trying to contain heat for increased warm up.

This overview will show how the world of thermal management has changed in the last couple of years.


Wilko Jansen has graduated from 'The Institute of Automotive Engineering' in the Netherlands in 1996. He joined Jaguar Cars Ltd. in 1997 in the Aerodynamics team supporting several vehicle programmes as the Aero attribute leader. Since 2000 he has been involved in Vehicle Thermal Management.

In 2003, Wilko got promoted to Technical Specialist in Thermal Management within Jaguar Land Rover. This current role concentrates on developing the strategy in Jaguar Land Rover for Thermal management, delivering methods and capability and leading the development for thermal management on all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

Areas covered under his remit are: Thermal Performance, Heat protection, Hybridisation, Brake cooling, infotainment thermal management.

The main focus is on developing the CAE capability to reduce prototypes and development time. With this Wilko is driving the virtual engineering of the Thermal attribute within Jaguar Land Rover.

Keynote Speaker(s) - Wilko Jansen, Technical Specialist, Thermal Management, Jaguar Land Rover