Power Electronics: The use of Simulation in Electric-machine Design


Dr Stefan Holst graduated in Applied Math at the TU Berlin and subsequently moved to the University of Konstanz and later Mainz to pursue a PhD on Charge Transport in Semiconductors. After entering CD-adapco in 2007 he has worked in the support team in Nuremberg. In 2009 he moved to the European headquarters of CD-adapco in London into the new role as the training coordinator for the EU. He established a new e-learning platform and other measures to improve CD-adapco's training delivery and quality. Further he developed training material for a range of applications such as aero-acoustics, design of wind parks and wind turbines. In 2011 he entered his current position as EMAG Application Specialist and works out of the Glasgow office. From there he helps in framing the CD-adapco initiative for electric machines in bringing its flagship products SPEED and STAR-CCM+ closer together and acts as a central contact for all other electromagnetic applications.