48 Volts - A New Paradigm for Power Supply and Low Cost Hybridization


Guillaume Engel is Customer Director and Business Development Director for 12 V Belt driven Starter Generator & E-Machines at Valeo Electrical Systems for German OEMs, Guillaume Engel began his career at Valeo 18 years ago, as resident engineer (1995 - 1997). He was first based in Wolfsburg (Germany) for the Volkswagen group, before becoming BMW - Mercedes project manager (1998 - 2001). As Stop and Start 1st generation Project Manager for the C3 Citro├źn (2002-2005), he obtained in 2004 the price for the engineer of the year in the French newspaper Usine Nouvelle in the category sustainable development. Then he became responsible for an Autonomous Production Unit during 2 years, Research and Development Director for the product line alternators Europe during 4 years, before taking project direction of Starter Generator & E-Machine and the Business development mission 2 years ago. Guillaume Engel is qualified as an engineer by the ENSICA (high school for aeronautical engineer - Toulouse).