Out of Autoclave Lamination and Manufacturing Technology Roadmap


Blanca Iturralde: 1992: 1996: Degree in Industrial Engineering, Pamplona 1997: Final Degree Project in Robotic manufacturing control (company CETENASA ) 1998: Management Business Administration program coursed in London 2000-2011: R&D Director for automotive industry, truck and railway friction materials (company ICER BRAKES / ICER RAIL) 2011-Today=> Project Manager in the Aeronautic Division of Mtorres. Manager for lamination projects: • Dry Fiber Lay-up Machine • In situ consolidation thermoplastic Lay-Up Machine

Pablo Cebolla is the Senior Technology Manager. Manufacturing Engineering responsible in the area of R&T for composite and metal part manufacturing. Manufacturing leader for the R&T HTP activities in Airbus. Over 10 years of experience in structural part manufacturing and assembly in the aeronautic sector.