JCAP Study


Mr. Koseki graduated from the faculty of Engineering in the University of Tokyo. He obtained Master and Ph.D degree from graduate school of the University of Tokyo, thereafter. He joined heritage Toa Nenryokogyo  (Currently, TonenGeneral ), which is one of oil refining companies at that time in Japan. His background is gas phase reaction chemistry. He experienced new energy device development, fuel R&D in the laboratory. He has joined governmental auto-oil program more than fifteen years, that is to say, Japan Clean Air Program (JCAP), Japan Auto Oil Program (JATOP) and OACIS deposit group study. From 2002 through 2006, he led the JCAPII Gasoline work-group and conducted the Octane Study and the ETBE compatibility study in Japan. He is in charge of strategic planning manager from 2012.