Journey of NO2 as a Feedgas from an Oxidation Catalyst to an SCR Catalyst - Is it Making it all the Way?


Harsha Nanjundaswamy is Manager of Light-Duty Diesel Engine Development and Controls at FEV Inc. He handles the technical supervision for diesel engine and aftertreatment hardware and software development and calibration programs as well as base engine and aftertreatment controls development, rapid controls prototyping, software strategy development, and HiL testing. He is also responsible for the technical supervision on the development of hardware- and software-in-the-loop systems, macros and software tools such as Design of Experiment, and similar techniques to improve calibration effectiveness and robustness. He started his career as a diesel fuel injection system Application Engineer at Robert Bosch in 1999. He received his MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.