Ford Experiences


Paul is responsible for OBD planning and generating OBD system technical information, as a Technical Leader in the Global Powertrain Controls System Engineering Department, Powertrain Engineering, Ford Motor Company.

Involved in many of the SAE Electrical/Electronics Diagnostic committees developing OBD diagnostic protocols (J1979, J2190, J2012, J1962, J1930, J1699-3) as well as other industry groups concerned with OBD-II implementation (USCAR Low Emission Partnership, OBD Workgroup), field service (iATN) and I/M testing.

Paul was hired into Ford Motor Company in 1979. Worked in the Powertrain Strategy and Self Test Section designing engine and transmission control strategies for production passenger car and truck applications from 1984 to 1988. Promoted to OBD-I Development Section Supervisor in 1988. Responsible for development and production release of all of Ford's OBD-I diagnostic calibrations. Assumed responsibilities of OBD-II Feature Development Section Supervisor in 1991. Responsible for design, development and testing of OBD-II diagnostic algorithms for production applications. Currently responsible for OBD implementation and compliance planning, and regulatory/service documentation.

Mr. Baltusis received 7 patents and the Henry Ford Technological Award for various transmission control algorithms. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass in 1979 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1988 with an MBA in Business Administration