ACEA Heavy Duty Soot Sensor Technology Survey And Performance META Study


Dr. Andy Noble has worked at Ricardo for over 25 years on a very wide range of automotive and engine research and development projects. He currently is leader of the Heavy Duty Engines Product Group and is part of a customer-facing team managing the winning and delivery of engine design and development projects from concept through to certification and production. The team faces the challenges of delivering to OEM and Tier 1 customers improved emissions, better fuel efficiency, higher power density and faster transient response for application sectors including commercial vehicle, off highway and power generation.

Prior to this role Dr. Noble managed the engine control and diagnostics systems area has played a role in many key developments in control and OBD systems for gasoline and diesel engines as well as transmissions.

He has authored over thirty technical papers, has filed seven patents and chaired numerous sessions at international conferences in the engine and automotive arena.

His current main areas of interest are the development of higher efficiency medium and heavy duty engines, improving their combustion, performance and emissions and integrating highly effective aftertreatment systems.

Dr. Noble has a Batchelor of Science Honours degree from the University of Southampton in the UK and a Doctorate from Imperial College, London.