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AGE-2C Vehicle Maintenance and Aircraft Servicing Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1558B Interface Protective Devices - Ground Equipment to Aircraft Jean-Jacques Machon Jan 08, 2015
AIR1589B Aircraft Damage Caused by Ground Support Equipment Kevin Frommelt Apr 15, 2014
AIR4365B 400 Hz Connection Aircraft Electrical Maintenance Procedures C R (Buz) Sawyer Mar 13, 2013
ARP1816D Charger for Battery Powered Ground Support Equipment Gabriel Sampson Apr 15, 2014
ARP1836C Aircraft Cargo Conveyor - Battery Powered Laurent Decoux Apr 15, 2014
ARP5374B Method of Testing Pre-Conditioned Air Equipment Scott B. Gwilliam Sep 24, 2013