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AMS B Finishes Processes and Fluids Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AMEC09AB Batch Shot Peening Jack M. Champaigne Sep 03, 2009
AMS2403M Plating, Nickel, General Purpose Craig Willan Sep 30, 2013
AMS2406N Plating, Chromium, Hard Deposit Kevin Groeneveld May 06, 2014
AMS2409H Plating, Immersion Tin for Aluminum Alloys David J. Satlawa Sep 30, 2013
AMS2412K Plating, Silver, Copper Strike, Low Bake Craig Willan Sep 30, 2013
AMS2419D Plating, Cadmium-Titanium Craig Willan Sep 30, 2013
AMS2423E Plating, Nickel, Hard Deposit Craig Willan Sep 30, 2013
AMS2430T Shot Peening, Automatic Roger B. Sines Jun 14, 2013
AMS2431/3E Peening Media (AWCR), Conditioned Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, Regular Hardness (45 to 52 HRC) Jack M. Champaigne Apr 11, 2012
AMS2431/4D Peening Media (AWS), Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot Jack M. Champaigne Apr 11, 2012
AMS2431/6D Peening Media, Glass Shot Jack M. Champaigne Apr 11, 2012
AMS2431/8C Peening Media (AWCH), Conditioned Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot, High Hardness (55 to 62 HRC) Jack M. Champaigne Jan 18, 2011
AMS2438E Plating, Chromium, Thin, Hard, Dense Deposit Craig Willan Mar 26, 2013
AMS2448B Application of Tungsten Carbide Coatings on Ultra High Strength Steels, High Velocity Oxygen/Fuel Process Tim Boysen Mar 25, 2013
AMS2466C Hard Anodic Coating of Magnesium Alloys, Alkaline Type, High Voltage Gregory Kenneth Haataja Mar 25, 2013
AMS2472G Anodic Treatment of Aluminum Alloys, Sulfuric Acid Process, Dyed Coating Robert Koukol Apr 11, 2012
AMS2485L Coating, Black Oxide Timothy Freehling Apr 11, 2012
AMS2489A Blackening of Steel, Touch Up Method Robert Koukol Sep 30, 2013
AMS2535B Coating, Vapor Deposited Poly-Monochloro-Para-Xylylene for Microcircuits Lee Gearhart Apr 10, 2012
AMS2550F Treatment of Sheet Metal Parts, Corrosion-Resistant Steel Ray J. Kremer Sep 30, 2013
AMS2662A Brazing, Gold-Nickel Alloy Filler Metal Jacque S. Bader Sep 30, 2013
AMS2664G Brazing, Silver, for Use Up to 800 °F (427 °C) Jacque S. Bader Sep 30, 2013
AMS2681C Welding, Electron-Beam Jacque S. Bader Mar 30, 2009
AMS2689B Fusion Welding, Titanium and Titanium Alloys Stan Biernat Sep 30, 2013
AMS2753D Liquid Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Non-Cyanide Bath A. W. Patterson Mar 25, 2013
AMS2759/12B Gaseous Nitrocarburizing, Automatically Controlled by Potentials WITOLD LILIENTAL Nov 01, 2009
AMS2759/8B Ion Nitriding Peter Lidster Nov 01, 2009
AMS2759/9E Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief (Baking) of Steel Parts A. W. Patterson Nov 01, 2009
AMS2775C Case Hardening of Titanium and Titanium Alloys Lee Gearhart Sep 30, 2013
AMS2816X Identification Welding Wire, Tab Marking Method Jacque S. Bader Mar 25, 2013
AMS3412G Flux, Aluminum Brazing for Torch or Furnance Brazing Jacque S. Bader Sep 30, 2013
AMSC81769A Chemical Milling of Metals, Specification For Roger B. Sines Mar 25, 2013
AMSC8837A Coating, Cadmium (Vacuum Deposited) Lee Gearhart Mar 25, 2013
AMSQQN290C Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited) Craig Willan Sep 30, 2013
AMSQQP416D Plating, Cadmium (Electrodeposited) Craig Willan Sep 30, 2013
ARP1331C The Chemical Milling Process Roger B. Sines Mar 25, 2013
ARP1917B Clarification of Terms Used in Aerospace Metals Specifications Steven De Cenzo Sep 09, 2014
ARP1962B Training and Approval of Heat-Treating Personnel Roger B. Sines Apr 10, 2012
B10AA Gaseous Nitrocarburizing James G. Conybear Oct 25, 2010
B10AC Shot Peening, Manual Hali Diep Nov 08, 2010
B12AA Salt, Heat-Treating (For Metal) Robert V. Peters May 15, 2012
B12AB Plating, Brush, Nickel-Tungsten Scott Peterson May 21, 2012
B13AA Nanocrystalline Cobalt-Phosphorus Electroplating James L. Green Apr 09, 2013
GAB14AA General Agreement Ballot on Adhesion Testing Kevin Groeneveld Jul 24, 2014