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G-14 Americas Aerospace Quality Standards Committee (AAQSC)

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
ARP9005A Aerospace Guidance for Non-Deliverable Software Mark E. Clark Feb 11, 2013
ARP9107A Direct Delivery Authorization Guidance for Aerospace Companies Edward Bayne Sep 21, 2011
ARP9136 Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving Bill Schmiege Jan 29, 2009
ARP9162A Aerospace Operator Self-Verification Programs Mark Vogel Jan 08, 2014
AS9102B Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement Kevin Ward Sep 21, 2011
AS9104/2A Requirements for Oversight of Aerospace Quality Management System Registration/Certification Programs Timothy W. Lee Aug 31, 2009
AS9104/3A Requirements for Aerospace Auditor Competency and Training Courses Will S. Tate Aug 31, 2009
AS9116 Notification of Change (NOC) Requirements Scott G. Peterson Sep 21, 2011
AS9132B Data Matrix Quality Requirements for Parts Marking Dale K. Gordon Nov 11, 2013
AS9133A Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Parts Dale K. Gordon Oct 16, 2013