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Aircraft SEAT Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR6160 Magnesium Alloys in Aircraft Seats - Developments in Magnesium Alloy Flammability Testing May 16, 2014 Issued
AIR6448 Gaining Approval for Seats with Integrated Electronics in Accordance with AC21-49 Option 7b Jun 20, 2011 Issued
ARP1150A Safety Considerations - Flight Deck Seats for Transport Aircraft Mar 01, 1999 Canceled
ARP4466A Dimensional Compatibility of Child Restraint Systems and Passenger Seat Systems in Civil Transport Airplanes Nov 28, 2011 Stabilized
ARP5475A Abuse Load Testing for In-Seat Deployable Video Systems Nov 28, 2011 Stabilized
ARP5482A Photometric Data Acquisition Procedures for Impact Test Nov 28, 2011 Stabilized
ARP5497 Modification Or Replacement of Components on Dynamically Certified Seat Systems Oct 01, 2001 Issued
ARP5526C Aircraft Seat Design Guidance and Clarifications May 24, 2011 Revised
ARP5585A Replacement Or Modification of Components on Aircraft Seat Restraint Systems By Non-Original Equipment Manufacturers Nov 28, 2011 Stabilized
ARP5765 Analytical Methods for Aircraft Seat Design and Evaluation Oct 03, 2012 Issued
ARP6199 Method to Evaluate Aircraft Passenger Seats for the Test Requirements of 14CFR part 25 Appendix F, Parts IV & V Jun 06, 2012 Issued
ARP6448 Gaining Approval for Seats with Integrated Electronics in Accordance with AC21-49 Section 7.b Jun 11, 2012 Issued
ARP682C Safety Lap Belts (For Civil Transport Aircraft) Aug 01, 2000 Canceled
ARP750C Passenger Seat Design, Commercial Transport Aircraft May 01, 1999 Canceled
ARP998B Crew Restraint System Aug 01, 2000 Canceled
AS8043B Restraint Systems for Civil Aircraft Mar 31, 2014 Reaffirmed
AS8049/1 Performance Standards for Single-Occupant, Side-Facing Seats in Civil Rotocraft, Transport Aircraft, and General Aviation Aircraft Sep 13, 2010 Issued
AS8049B Performance Standard for Seats in Civil Rotorcraft, Transport Aircraft, and General Aviation Aircraft Jan 25, 2005 Revised