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G-33 Configuration Management

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
CMB4_1 Configuration Management Definitions for Digital Computer Programs Oct 01, 2014
CMB4_2 Configuration Identification for Digital Computer Programs Oct 01, 2014
CMB4_3 Computer Software Libraries Oct 01, 2014
CMB4_4 Configuration Change Control for Digital Computer Programs Oct 01, 2014
CMB5 Configuration Management Requirements for Subcontractors/Vendors Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_1 Configuration and Data Management References Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_10 Education in Configuration and Data Management Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_2 Configuration and Data Management In-House Training Plan Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_3 Configuration Identification Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_4 Configuration Control Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_5 Textbook for Configuration Status Accounting Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_6 Reviews and Configuration Audits Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_8 Data Management In-House Training Course Oct 01, 2014
CMB6_9 Configuration and Data Management Training Course Oct 01, 2014
CMB7_1 Electronic Interchange of Configuration Management Data Oct 01, 2014
CMB7_2 Guideline for Transitioning Configuration Management to an Automated Environment Oct 01, 2014
CMB7_3 CALS Configuration Management SOW and CDRL Guidance Oct 01, 2014
CMB7_4 Glossary of Terms, Acronyms, and Definitions Oct 01, 2014
DMG1 Data Management Implementation Guide Oct 01, 2014
DMG2 Automated Data Management Guideline Oct 01, 2014
EIA649B Configuration Management Standard Apr 01, 2011 Revised
EIA649_1 Configuration Management Requirements For Defense Contracts Nov 20, 2014 Issued
EIA836B Configuration Management Data Exchange and Interoperability Mar 01, 2010 Revised
GEIAHB649 Implementation Guide for Configuration Management Oct 01, 2005 Issued
GEIAHB748_1 Handbook: The Program Managers' Guide to the Integrated Baseline Review Process Oct 01, 2014
GEIATB0002 System Configuration Management Implementation Template (Oriented for a US Military Contract Environment) Jun 01, 2008 Issued