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Safety and Human Factors Standards Steering Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J2364 Navigation and Route Guidance Function Accessibility While Driving David H. Weir Jul 30, 2014
J2365 Calculation of the Time to Complete In-Vehicle Navigation and Route Guidance Tasks David H. Weir May 08, 2015
J2400 Human Factors in Forward Collision Warning Systems: Operating Characteristics and User Interface Requirements Christopher S. Nowakowski Nov 24, 2014
J2802 Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSMS): Operating Characteristics and User Interface Danny Minikey Jul 30, 2013
J2808 Road/Lane Departure Warning Systems: Information for the Human Interface Dean Chiang Oct 22, 2013
J2830 Process for Comprehension Testing of In-Vehicle Icons John L. Campbell Jan 30, 2014
J2889 Vehicle Sound Measurement at Low Speeds Jay Joseph Jan 16, 2009
J2944_201505 Operational Definitions of Driving Performance Measures and Statistics Paul A. Green May 19, 2015
J2988 Guidelines for Speech Input and Audible Output in a Driver Vehicle Interface John Shutko Feb 19, 2013
J3048 Driver-Vehicle Interface Considerations for Lane Keeping Assistance Systems Barbara Wendling Jun 05, 2013
J3077 Definitions and Data Sources for the Driver Vehicle Interface (DVI) Linda Sala Angell Jul 31, 2014