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Non-Hydraulic Hose Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1037_200603 Windshield Washer Tubing Mar 03, 2006 Reaffirmed
J1508_200903 Hose Clamp Specifications Mar 06, 2009 Revised
J1532_201406 Transmission Oil Cooler Hose Jun 04, 2014 Reaffirmed
J1638_200411 Compression Set of Hoses or Solid Discs Nov 30, 2004 Revised
J1670_200812 Type "F" Clamps for Plumbing Applications Dec 02, 2008 Revised
J1684_200509 Test Method for Evaluating the Electrochemical Resistance of Coolant System Hoses and Materials Sep 12, 2005 Reaffirmed
J1759_200601 SAE Hose Measurement Study Jan 04, 2006 Reaffirmed
J20/1_200906 Coolant Hose (Supplement to SAE J20 for Government Use Replacing Part of MS52130) Jun 04, 2009 Reaffirmed
J20/2_200906 Coolant Hose - Normal Service Type Convoluted, Wire Support Hose (Supplement to SAE J20 for Government Use Replacing Part of MS51008) Jun 04, 2009 Reaffirmed
J20_201503 Coolant System Hoses Mar 05, 2015 Reaffirmed
J2140_201406 General Requirement for Preformed Hoses for Air Induction on Heavy-Duty Engines Jun 04, 2014 Reaffirmed
J2370_200903 Geometric Dimensions and Tolerancing for Curved Hose Mar 05, 2009 Reaffirmed
J2371_199708 Clamping Force Test Procedure Aug 01, 1997 Issued
J2387_201008 Dimensions and Tolerances for Coolant System Hoses Aug 26, 2010 Revised
J2405_200707 Low-Permeation Fuel Fill and Vent Tube Jul 02, 2007 Reaffirmed
J2605_200601 Non-Contact Hose Measurement Study 1 Jan 04, 2006 Reaffirmed
J2666_201006 Hose Gauge Evaluation Procedure Jun 16, 2010 Reaffirmed
J2790_201002 Test Method for Evaluating the Electrical Resistance of Coolant System Hose Covers Feb 15, 2010 Revised
J30_201202 Fuel and Oil Hoses Feb 17, 2012 Revised
J51_200406 Refrigerant 12 Automotive Air-Conditioning Hose Jun 14, 2004 Revised