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Sheet and Strip Steel Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1058_199912 Standard Sheet Steel Thickness Dec 21, 1999 Revised
J126_198606 Selecting and Specifying Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Sheet and Strip Jun 01, 1986 Reaffirmed
J1392_200812 Steel, High Strength, Hot Rolled Sheet and Strip, Cold Rolled Sheet, and Coated Sheet Dec 02, 2008 Reaffirmed
J1562_200901 Selection of Zinc and Zinc-Alloy (Hot-Dipped and Electrodeposited) Coated Steel Sheet Jan 13, 2009 Revised
J1852_199709 Properties of Galvanized Low Carbon Sheet Steels and Their relation to Formability Sep 01, 1997 Canceled
J2096_199709 Categorization of Low Carbon Automotive Sheet Steel Sep 15, 1997 Canceled
J2329_199705 Categorization and Properties of Low-Carbon Automotive Sheet Steels May 01, 1997 Issued
J2340_199910 Categorization and Properties of Dent Resistant, High Strength, and Ultra High Strength Automotive Sheet Steel Oct 25, 1999 Issued
J2392_200909 Categorization and Properties of SAE Cold Rolled Strip Steels Sep 28, 2009 Revised
J2575_200406 Standardized Dent Resistance Test Procedure Jun 07, 2004 Issued
J2745_200707 Categorization and Properties of Advanced High Strength Automotive Sheet Steels Jul 30, 2007 Issued
J424_198702 Method for Determining Breakage Allowances for Sheet Steel Feb 01, 1987 Canceled
J446_198904 Preferred Thicknesses for Uncoated Flat Metals (Thru 12 Mm) Apr 01, 1989 Canceled
J763_199104 Aging of Carbon Steel Sheet and Strip Apr 01, 1991 Canceled
J810_199603 Classification of Common Surface Imperfections in Sheet Steel Mar 01, 1996 Revised
J863_198606 Methods for Determining Plastic Deformation in Sheet Metal Stampings Jun 01, 1986 Reaffirmed
J877_199709 Properties of Low Carbon Sheet Steel and Their Relationship to Formability Sep 01, 1997 Canceled
J911_199803 Surface Roughness and Peak Count Measurement of Cold-Rolled Sheet Steel Mar 01, 1998 Revised
J940_199410 Glossary of Carbon Steel Sheet and Strip Terms Oct 01, 1994 Revised