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Hydraulic Tube Fittings Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1453/2 Specification for O-Ring Face Seal Connectors: Part 2 - Requirements, Dimensions, and Tests for Steel Unions, Bulkheads, Swivels, Braze Sleeves, Braze-on Tube Ends, Caps, and Connectors with ISO 6149-2 Metric Stud Ends and ISO 6162 4-Bolt Flange Heads. James C. Miller Jun 17, 2014
J1926/4 Connector for Fluid Power and General Use - Ports and Stud End with ASME B1.1 Threads and O-Ring Seal - Part 4: External Hex and Internal Hex Inch Port Plugs - Dimensions, Design, Test Methods and Requirements Corey Eadie Feb 08, 2013
J2593 Information Report for the Installation of Fluid Conductors and Connectors Joseph Stratton Sep 21, 2009
J2682 Connections for Fluid Power and General Use --Performance Requirements Specifications for Metric and Inch - Hose and Metallic Tubing Threadless Connections Paul DeWitt Jan 02, 2014
J514/1 Metallic Tube Connections for Fluid Power and General Use – Part 1: 37° Flared Fittings Mark A. Place Dec 29, 2011
J533 Flares for Tubing Robert Schade Apr 09, 2009
J534 Lubrication Fittings Corey Eadie May 05, 2010