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J516_201110 - Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Document Number: J516_201110
Revision Number:
Hydraulic Hose Fittings
This SAE Standard provides general and dimensional specifications for the most common hose fittings used in conjunction with hydraulic hoses specified in SAE J517 and utilized in hydraulic systems on mobile and stationary equipment. The general specifications contained in Sections 1 through 15 are applicable to all hydraulic hose fittings and supplement the detailed specifications for the 100R-series fittings contained in the later sections of this document. This document shall be utilized as a procurement document only to the extent agreed upon by the manufacturer and user. Refer to SAE J517 for specifications of hose and information on hose assemblies. SAE J1273 contains information on application factors affecting hose fittings, hose, and hose assemblies. THE RATED WORKING PRESSURE OF A HOSE ASSEMBLY COMPRISING SAE J516 FITTINGS AND SAE J517 HOSE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE LOWER OF THE TWO WORKING PRESSURE RATED VALUES.
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