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Ship Fluid Systems Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1775 Bleed-Air Pneumatic Systems for Gas Turbine Equipped Marine and Amphibious Craft Steven Marzelli Jun 10, 2013
J1777 General Environmental Considerations for Marine Vehicles Wayne K. Wilcox Feb 04, 2014
J1778 Ship Systems and Equipment - Recommended Practice for Hydraulic Fluid Selection Thomas W. Carroll Jun 17, 2011
J1780 Hydraulic System Diagrams and Associated Tables for Marine Vehicles Wayne K. Wilcox Sep 17, 2012
J1783 Ship Systems and Equipment - Selection of Hydraulic Directional Control Valves Stephen B. Currey Oct 27, 2014
J2321 Ship Systems and Equipment-- General Specification for Filter Elements--Hydraulic and Lube Oil Service Timothy Bowen Sep 17, 2012
J2321/4 Low Collapse Pressure Hydraulic Filter Element – 380 L/min Flow, 3.5 MPa Collapse Pressure, Filtration Ratio = ?? at xx µm Wayne K. Wilcox Jan 02, 2013
J2333 Ship Systems and Equipment - Hydraulic Systems - Filter Selection Parameters Wayne K. Wilcox Jul 02, 2013