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Truck and Bus Foundation Brake Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1404 Service Brake Structural Integrity Requirements - Truck and Bus Conor Crowley Oct 06, 2014
J1476 Parking Brake Structural Integrity Test Procedure Vehicles Over 4500 kg (10 000 lb) GVWR - Truck and Bus Roy Zeitlow Oct 05, 2014
J1801 Brake Effectiveness Marking for Brake Blocks--Truck and Bus Greg Dvorchak Sep 22, 2014
J1802 Brake Block Effectiveness Rating Greg Dvorchak Sep 22, 2014
J2115 Air Brake Performance and Wear Test Code Commercial Vehicle Inertia Dynamometer Charles W. Greening May 01, 2012
J3080 Inertia Dynamometer Rotor Crack Test Procedure for Air Disc Brakes Carlos Agudelo Oct 03, 2014