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Truck and Bus Brake Systems Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1626/2 Recommended Practice for Braking, Stability, and Control Performance Test Procedure for Air-Brake-Equipped Trucks Max Pace Jun 28, 2010
J1729 Parking Brake Drawbar Pull Test Procedure--Truck and Bus David Church Mar 05, 2014
J225 Brake Force Distribution Field Test Procedure for Truck and Bus Randall Petresh Apr 08, 2013
J2377 Test Procedure for Air Supply of Truck-Tractors and Towing Trucks James Szudy Sep 30, 2014
J2378 Test Procedure for Trailer Air Reservoir Fill and Parking Brake Release Times James Szudy Sep 30, 2014
J2963 Summary of Stop Lamp-Related Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards & NHTSA Interpretations, relative to ATC, Stability Control Interventions, Engine retarders/exhaust brakes Richard John Conklin Feb 09, 2011
J3081 Heavy Vehicle Operator Controls Prioritization and Conflict Resolution Vern Caron Sep 30, 2014