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Truck and Bus Electrical Systems Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J2174 Heavy-Duty Wiring Systems for Trailers 2032 mm or More in Width Alex Sinton Sep 22, 2014
J2202 Heavy-Duty Wiring Systems for On-Highway Trucks Jesus Gomez Mar 10, 2010
J2685 Positive Temperature Coefficient Overcurrent Protection Devices (PTCs) Todd W. Sturm Sep 23, 2014
J3053 Heavy Duty Truck Electrical Circuit Performance Requirement for 12/24 volt Electric Starter Motors Charles Groeller Jul 29, 2013
J553 Circuit Breakers Mike Meleck Jun 02, 2011
J560 Primary and Auxiliary Seven Conductor Electrical Connector for Truck-Trailer Jumper Cable Charles Polley Mar 11, 2014