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Interior Climate Control Service Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J2810 HFC-134a (R-134a) Refrigerant Recovery Equipment for Mobile Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems Mary E. Koban Jul 16, 2012
J2845 R-1234yf [HFO-1234yf] and R-744 Technician Training for Service and Containment of Refrigerants Used in Mobile A/C Systems Ward J. Atkinson Feb 21, 2013
J2851 Recovery Equipment for Contaminated Refrigerant From Mobile Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Mary E. Koban Jul 17, 2012
J2970 Minimum Performance Requirements for Non-Refrigerant Tracer Gasses and Electronic Tracer Gas Leak Detectors Angelo P. Patti Aug 06, 2014
J3030 Automotive Refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment intended for use with multiple refrigerants Paul Weissler Feb 21, 2013
J3032 Performance requirements for blend refrigerant diagnostic identifiers [RDI] for use with mobile air conditioning systems Michael Hope Feb 21, 2013
J3034 Recovery/Recycling/Recharging equipment for blend refrigerants for mobile air conditioning Michael Hope Feb 21, 2013