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Vehicle E E System Diagnostic Standards Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1115 Guidelines for Developing and Revision SAE Nomenclature and Definitions Mark Zachos Apr 19, 2015
J1699/1 SAE J1850 Verification Test Procedures Mark P. Zachos Oct 04, 2010
J1699/2 J1699-2 OBD II Related SAE Specification Verification Test Mark P. Zachos Jun 28, 2010
J1699/3 Vehicle OBD II Compliance Test Cases Mark Zachos Jul 11, 2012
J1962 Diagnostic Connector Equivalent to ISO/DIS 15031-3:December 14, 2001 Robert Gruszczynski Feb 10, 2015
J1978 OBD II Scan Tool -- Equivalent to ISO/DIS 15031-4:December 14, 2001 Richard D. Means Feb 08, 2011
J1979 E/E Diagnostic Test Modes Paul A. Baltusis Feb 12, 2015
J1979DA J1979-DA, Digital Annex of E/E Diagnostic Test Modes Paul A. Baltusis Jun 26, 2014
J2450 Translation Quality Metric Mark Zachos Jun 10, 2011
J2534/1 Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming Kevin L. Stofflet Jul 31, 2008
J2534/2 Optional Pass-Thru Features Srinivasa Prasad Sep 09, 2011
J2534/3 Conformance Test Cases William Wiegand Aug 04, 2008
J2534/4 Guidelines for Implementing OEM Diagnostic Applications using J2534 API Srinivasa Prasad Aug 07, 2013
J2740 General Motors Uart Serial Data Communications Mark Zachos Apr 19, 2015