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Fuel Cell Standards Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J2579 Standard for Fuel Systems in Fuel Cell and Other Hydrogen Vehicles Glenn W. Scheffler Apr 02, 2013
J2600 Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Fueling Connection Devices Timothy McGuire Nov 29, 2012
J2601 Fueling Protocols for Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles Steven R. Mathison Feb 23, 2015
J2719/1 Application Guideline for Use of Hydrogen Quality Specification Eugene M. Steele Apr 15, 2014
J2990/1 Gaseous Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle First and Second Responder Recommended Practice Jennifer Hamilton Jan 09, 2013
J3075 Hydrogen System and Component Cleaning and Packaging Eugene M. Steele Jun 19, 2014
J3089 Technical Information Report (TIR) for Vehicular Hydrogen Sensor Test Methods Michael J. Veenstra Jan 08, 2015