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Hydraulic Brake Components Standards Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1047 Tubing - Motor Vehicle Brake System Hydraulic Stanley L. Stokes Mar 07, 2014
J1603 Rubber Seals for Hydraulic Disc Brake Cylinders David B. Antanaitis May 13, 2014
J1604 Rubber Boots for Drum-Type Hydraulic Brake Wheel Cylinders David B. Antanaitis May 13, 2014
J1605 Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Diaphragm Gasket David R. Black Apr 07, 2014
J1713 Structural Testing of Passenger Car and Truck Disc Brakes George Waterman Jun 10, 2014
J1808 Vacuum Power Assist Brake Booster Test Procedure Paul Gritt May 12, 2009
J2994 Brake Component Hydraulic Flow Rate Measurement Robert James Hill Jan 23, 2012
J2995 Hydraulic Brake Component Standard Duty Cycle and Conditions for Durability Testing David B. Antanaitis Jan 23, 2012
J3052 Hydraulic Brake Component Flow Rate Measurement - High Pressure Differentials David B. Antanaitis Jul 22, 2013