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Human Accom and Design Devices Stds Comm

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1052 Motor Vehicle Driver and Passenger Head Position Patrick Garrett Jan 13, 2015
J1100 Motor Vehicle Dimensions Lawrence Smythe Feb 11, 2013
J182 Motor Vehicle Fiducial Marks and Three-Dimensional Reference System Lawrence Smythe Jul 23, 2009
J2732 Motor Vehicle Seat Dimensions Aisha Johnson Jun 27, 2014
J287 Driver Hand Control Reach Patrick Garrett Jun 27, 2014
J2897 Motor Vehicle Seating Glossary Scott Allen Ziolek Jun 03, 2010
J3017 Motor Vehicle Measurement Certification Standard Lawrence Smythe Aug 15, 2012
J3099 Seating Accommodation Model for Class-A Vehicles Scott Allen Ziolek May 05, 2015
J4004 Positioning the H-Point Design Tool - Seating Reference Point and Seat Track Length Anita Satkiewicz Jun 30, 2014
J826 Devices for Use in Defining and Measuring Vehicle Seating Accommodation Scott Allen Ziolek Feb 16, 2012
J826/2 CAD Model for SAE J826 2-D H-Point Template Scott Allen Ziolek Aug 20, 2014
J826/3 J826/3 CAD Model of Legs and Back Hardware for SAE J826 3-D H-Point Machine Meg Wallace Oct 16, 2014