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Light Vehicle Exterior Sound Level Standards Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1060 Subjective Rating Scale for Evaluation of Noise and Ride Comfort Characteristics Related to Motor Vehicle Tires Noelle Baker Mar 25, 2014
J1074 Engine Sound Level Measurement Procedure Noelle Baker Mar 25, 2014
J1096 Measurement of Exterior Sound Levels for Heavy Trucks Under Stationary Conditions Noelle Baker Nov 13, 2012
J1207 Measurement Procedure for Determination of Silencer Effectiveness in Reducing Engine Intake Or Exhaust Sound Level Noelle Baker Mar 25, 2014
J1477 Measurement of Interior Sound Levels of Light Vehicles Noelle Baker Mar 25, 2014
J1492 Measurement of Light Vehicle Stationary Exhaust System Sound Level Engine Speed Sweep Method Noelle Baker Oct 04, 2013
J184 Qualifying A Sound Data Acquisition System Noelle Baker Mar 25, 2014
J2805 Measurement of Noise Emitted by Accelerating Road Vehicles Noelle Baker Aug 15, 2013
J2920 Measurement of Tire/Pavement Noise Using Sound Intensity Douglas B. Moore Nov 04, 2009
J57 Sound Level Of Highway Truck Tires Noelle Baker Mar 25, 2014