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Automatic Transmission Transaxle Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1087_201108 One-Way Clutches--Nomenclature and Terminology Aug 12, 2011 Revised
J1236_200710 Cast Iron Sealing Rings (Metric) Oct 22, 2007 Revised
J2208_200710 Park Standard for Automatic Transmissions Oct 22, 2007 Revised
J2310_201105 Rectangular Cross Section Polymeric Sealing Rings May 02, 2011 Revised
J2311_199901 Automatic Transmission Hydraulic Pump Test Procedure Jan 28, 1999 Issued
J2312_201305 Automatic Transmission Intake Filter Test Procedure May 14, 2013 Revised
J281_199212 Cast Iron Sealing Rings Dec 01, 1992 Canceled
J640_201107 Symbols for Hydrodynamic Drives Jul 08, 2011 Stabilized
J641_201206 Hydrodynamic Drives Terminology Jun 04, 2012 Revised
J643_201104 Hydrodynamic Drive Test Code Apr 04, 2011 Revised
J645_200903 Automotive Transmission Terminology Mar 03, 2009 Revised
J646_201104 Planetary Gears - Terminology Apr 04, 2011 Revised
J647_201004 Automatic Transmissions - Schematic Diagrams Apr 23, 2010 Revised
J649_201001 Automatic Transmission Functions - Terminology Jan 07, 2010 Revised
J651_200506 Passenger Car and Light Truck Automatic Transmission and Automatic Transaxle Test Code Jun 22, 2005 Revised
J915_200710 Automatic Transmissions--Manual Control Sequence Oct 22, 2007 Revised
J927_201206 Flywheels for Engine-Mounted Torque Converters Jun 11, 2012 Stabilized