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AIR1558B - Interface Protective Devices - Ground Equipment to Aircraft

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Document Number: AIR1558B
Project Initiation: 01-23-2012
Project Number: AIR 1558 B
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Jean-Jacques Machon
Interface Protective Devices - Ground Equipment to Aircraft
This Aerospace Information Report (AIR) discusses damage to aircraft caused by ground equipment contact and suggests methods of protecting against that damage. The protective device hereinafter called a 'fender,' is intended to serve its purpose during normal aircraft servicing and prevent damage during docking contact rather than aggressive impact.
AIR 1558A needs to be updated and revised. The last revision was 1997. Aircraft protection systems on GSE have changed dramatically with the advent of PLC technology being incorporated into GSE designs. The original document focuses mostly on bumpers and fenders. The document will be updated with aircraft protection systems that are in use today.
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