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AIR5925A - Measurement Uncertainty Applied to Cost-Effective Testing

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Document Number: AIR5925A
Project Initiation: 10-06-2010
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Andrew Jackson
Measurement Uncertainty Applied to Cost-Effective Testing
The report shows how the methodology of measurement uncertainty can usefully be applied to test programs in order to optimize resources and save money. In doing so, it stresses the importance of integrating the generation of the Defined Measurement Process into more conventional project management techniques to create a Test Plan that allows accurate estimation of resources and trouble-free execution of the actual test. Finally, the report describes the need for post-test review and the importance of recycling lessons learned for the next project.
This revision has two purposes: 1. To align the methodology, nomenclature and terminology with AIR1678 Rev B. 2. To develop the worked example such that it illustrates how to minimise uncertainty caused by Errors of Method.
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