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AIR6108 - Engine Electronics fire and overheat design guide

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Document Number: AIR6108
Project Initiation: 03-09-2010
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Mark Harrison
Engine Electronics fire and overheat design guide
This document scope covers all of the considerations relevant to the design of a fire and overheat protection scheme for an aerospace electronic control unit.. The focus is the engine electronic controller (EEC) typically used on civil aircraft applications and mounted on engine, but aspects are also applicable to condition monitoring units and units mounted off-engine. Content includes aplicable regulations, assumptions, additional constraints, installation, compliance strategies and compliance testing.
EEC fire/overheat design and test considerations are multiple, complex and conflicting. Each development project raises new issues on the topic, many of which require resolution with the certifying authority. Experienced aerospace manufacturers can still struggle with the subject and less experienced aerospace companies risk repeating the mistakes of the more experienced players without the benefit of some guidance from those players. This report is aimed at providing such guidance and establishing common practice across the industry even for the more experienced manufacturers.
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