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AMS2430T - Shot Peening, Automatic

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Document Number: AMS2430T
Project Initiation: 06-20-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: T
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Shot Peening, Automatic
This specification covers the requirements for automatic shot peening of surfaces of parts by impingement of media, including metallic, glass, or ceramic shot.
1. Clarification of intent. At least one independent testing laboratory is not certifying Rev. S conformance of previously acceptable Rev. R “spheroid” cut media shape for fully conditioned particles. The laboratory’s position is that this cut media shape is not sufficiently similar to any of the acceptable shapes now in Rev. S that were previously applicable only to cast media. 2. Restoration of needed requirement. As written, lack of this default tolerance language means that there is no tolerance on the peening boundaries for the many drawings in use that lack numerical tolerance values on the drawing for peening boundaries. Language such as this dates back at least to Rev. G, issued in 1971. Changes:1. Re-label Figure 1 as Acceptable Cast Media Shapes. Restore the line drawings and text for the cut media acceptable shapes, only, from Revision R and title as Figure 2, Acceptable Cut Media Shapes. Editorially adjust wording in 3.1.2 and appropriately. 2. Add the last sentence from paragraph 3.7 of Revision R as a new paragraph 3.10.3 – “Unless otherwise specified, the variation in boundaries of areas to be peened shall be -0 to +0.125 inch (-0 to +3.18 mm) into the area not required to be peened.”
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