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ARP4103A - Flight Deck Lighting for Commercial Transport Aircraft

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Document Number: ARP4103A
Project Initiation: 10-21-2008
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
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Flight Deck Lighting for Commercial Transport Aircraft
This document recommends criteria for the lighting systems and visual interface required of flight deck areas, controls and displays. This document defines the recommended design and performance requirements for: integrally lighted instruments, integrally lighted information panels (lightplates), circuit breaker panel lighting, warning, caution and advisory indicator lights, and general and utility lighting.
Main reasons for revision include: 1. Tailor its content for use by pilots and focus on the crew operational affects and visual human factors. 2. Guidance for the pilot certifying authority, add tie to certification regulations and criteria. 3. Update to reflect modern flight decks to include LED and graphical displays as needed, make recommendations independent of technology as much as possible. 4. Streamline with – AS 264, Instrument and Cockpit Lighting for Commercial Transport Aircraft, ARP 1161, Crew Station Lighting – Commercial Aircraft, ARP 1048, Instrument and Cockpit Illumination for General Aviation Aircraft, and other documents on color, format, layout, lighting. [outline, survey all related documents] 4. Update references 5. Use latest metrics
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