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ARP5535A - Observers for Laser Safety in the Navigable Airspace

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Document Number: ARP5535A
Project Initiation: 02-12-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
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Observers for Laser Safety in the Navigable Airspace
This document applies to safety observers or spotters involved with the use of outdoor laser systems. It may be used in conjuction with SAE Aerospace Standard (SAE AS 4970) "Human Factors Considerations for Outdoor Laser Operations in the Navigable Airspace." Additional control measures may be applicable and are listed in ANSI Z-136.6-2000.<p>The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to proprietors for the optimal use of safety observers during operation of a laser system. It also recommends the minimum requirements for a safety observer.
The references are outdated in the current ARP 5535. In addition new policy has been established in AS 6029A which needs to be addressed and clarified in ARP 5535.
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