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ARP5818A - Aircraft Refueling Vehicle Design And Performance Requirements

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Document Number: ARP5818A
Project Initiation: 04-07-2009
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
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Aircraft Refueling Vehicle Design And Performance Requirements
This document is a guideline for the design of an Aviation Aircraft Refueling and Defueling Tanker Vehicle and for the materials and components used thereon. The criteria set forth herein are the minimum recommendations and are limited to aircraft refueling vehicles for airport operations with operating fuel pressures and flow rates as specified within this document.
The existing ARP5818 Document is up for the five year update. The new ARP5818 Document is updated to cover the latest revisions/changes to bring it up to date, and will also cover all types of Aircraft Refueling Vehicles. Please note that I will need to change the Title of this Document to reflect all types of Aircraft Refuelers, and it will be Titled "Design and Performance of Aircraft Refuelers.
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