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ARP986D - Guide for Qualification Testing of Aircraft Air Valves

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Document Number: ARP986D
Project Initiation: 10-21-2008
Project Number:
Revision Number: D
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Guide for Qualification Testing of Aircraft Air Valves
This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) defines test to be performed on hydraulically, electrically, pneumatically, and mechanically actuated air valves. They may be further defined as those values that function in response to externally applied forces or in response to variations in upstream and/or downstream duct air conditions in order to maintain a calibrated duct air condition (e.g., air flow, air pressure, air temperature, air pressure ratio, or air shutoff).<p>The purpose of this ARP is to provide the aircraft industry with a guide for laboratory qualification testing of aircraft air valves.
This document has been revised to due to changes in procedures and requirements since the previous issue. Several editorial changes have also been made.
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